Today is a special day in fandom, my loyal Stapleholics it is one of them rare events that unites everyone from all walks of life is the opening of George Lucas' final installment of the Star Wars saga, Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. The Stapler saw this film at 10:00 AM sharp this morning (May 19,2005), 1st showing at Galaxy Theater, just so The Stapler can report in to all his Stapleholics out on the web, The Stapler's opinion of the film. Now the friends of The Stapler know, that The Stapler hasn't been a real big fan of George Lucas' work since the "Special Editions" release, but this film surprised the hell out of The Stapler for it was a really great film and worth the ticket cost like The Lord of The Ring series. This film is one of the best films in the Star Wars saga, for all the character were used well for the best of the story, not fluff. Characters like Bail Organa, General Grievous, and Palaptine get a good amount of screen time as the viewers see the fall of the Jedi order and Anakin Skywalker's fall from grace. This film used the Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi characters very well for these characters didn't feel like they were bumbling around the adventure or are just glorified scenery in the film. This film caught the feeling of Anakin's world falling apart around him as he changes from the Jedi way to that of the way of the Sith to save his love ones. But The Stapler did find one thing annoying about the film was the Padme Amidala character played by Natilie Portman, she just wasn't trying in this film to act and so her scenes came out corny or campy on the big screen when interacting with Anakin Skywalker. Even Hayden Christensen was on task and did come out whinny or weak with his portrayal of Analkin Skywalker as he becomes Darth Vader in Revenge of The Sith. The Stapler doesn't want to say too much for it will spoil the film for all you Stapleholics, but go check it out and May The Force be with You.

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