ASHLEY WOOD....METAL GEAR SOLID, the comic book....POPBOT READER: volume 1

Hello my loyal Stapleholic, The Stapler was bagging and tagging The Stapler's collection this week, when The Stapler kept coming upon some really cool and striking cover art on the series, "Tactical Espionage Action METAL GEAR SOLID." The artist of this series is Ashley Wood, who does both the cover art as well as the interior of this video based series. The Stapler really diggs on this style of art for it something different then the normal of line and ink images. His characters look like they're in motion and not stuck in time like a photo. The only work The Stapler has of Ashley Wood is the full run of Metal Gear and Popbot Reader volume one to date.

The reason The Stapler been collecting the series, "Metal Gear Solid," was for the the Ashely Wood art. It was the cover to issue one which got The Stapler hooked to this series. The art is some dark and forboding monocromatics within the pages of Metal Gear as the reader follows Solid Snake on his mission to uncover what Foxhound's plans are. The series isn't the best wrote series in comic-dom for it is just the retelling of Konami's "Metal Gear Solid 2" video game, but the art of the series makes up for the lack of original story. The series is currently on issue #8, from IDW Publishing and is worth the $3.99 just for the candy eye art.

Another Ashley Wood issue, The Stapler picked up last weekend on The Stapler's weekly comic run was the "Popbot Reader volume one," which is a collection of work done by Ashley Wood and other artist in the comic field like Kent Williams, Sam Kieth, Bruce Timm and many others. The Stapler pick this title up to see some other artwork by Ashley Wood's other then Metal Gear, in this issue the parts donedone by Ashley Wood were still very impressive to The Stapler, for this series was bright pinkish monocromes for color theme, but then the story was a little more on the adult side of comic storytelling. This issue retails $5.99 and is also from IDW Publishing.

So if you get a chance my Staplholics check some of these tiltes out, so until next....Keep on reading!


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