Hello my loyal Stapleholics and watchers of WASTELAND TV.....Welcome back to another set of reviews by The Stapler from the world of Fandom. Today I would like to talk about a new tabletop game that isn't from WIZKIDS, but from Hasbro...yes The Stapler knows they make GI-JOE, called ATTACKTIX. This game was released with the Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith toyline, but it is really a very funny game and very simple to play. The Stapler, Wasteland Tv's Robert Kemp and Logan Legacy played ATTACKTIX this weekend at a local comic shop in Riverbank. After about 1 hour of play, Logan Legacy came out one on top with his warrior/jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi beating The Stapler's Coach Cart...Mace Windu.

The object of the game is to have the last man standing on the feild of battle (which is about 3 feet by 3 feet play area, but we add terrein to toughen things up), you have swordsmen, missile lanuchers, and Battle Masters to choose from. The Players duel it out by running swordsmen into base or near base contact, well your missile guys give them cover fire trying to knock down your opponets figures. And like the CLIX games, everything is all you need is on the bases of the characters, so no big bible rulebook is needed. If you have chance give ATTACKTIX a try, and try not to take an eye out.

And now onto Joe Kubert and Brian Azzarello's Sgt Rock: Between Hell & A Hard Place, The stapler finally broke down and bought this hard cover book released in 2003 in DC Comics to it's Vertigo line. This book was a real treat art wise,because this book was return of Joe Kubert to art detail on Sgt Rock. The Stapler really enjoyed the waythis book was done with all muted washes for the coloring, which is brake from all the computer styled coloring now adays. The story was ok from Azzarello, but it was nice to get a fresh Sgt Rock story from DC....for the only place The Stapler's been able to find Joe Kubert's Sgt Rock art is at cons or a lucky day at the local flea market.

Here is something, The Stapler found intresting in the comic collector's world was that Cavewoman has hit a milestone for an indy comic character of 10 years of being in printed form. This charater was created by Budd Root in 1994 in the pages of Cavewoman, which this series had an 6 issue. Cavewoman has been drawed by the likes of Devon Massey, Paul Renaud, to even Frank Cho in her series. This character has gone on to spawn of many different mini series, Limited prints, alternate low print run covers, and many pin-up books through Basement/Amryl Comics. She even for the hardcore collectors a action figure and baseball cap too. So if you get chance check Cavewoman at your local comic shop.

Here is a title check list of Cavewoman tiltes to date....

Cavewoman (1-6 plus has been collected into a trade)

Cavewoman: Rain (1-8 plus has been collected into a trade)

Cavewoman: Missing Link (1-4 plus has been collected into a trade)

Cavewoman: Color Special

Cavewoman: Odyssey one-shot

Budd Root/Frank Cho Cavewoman

Basement/Amryl 2002 Convention Special Jam Book

Cavewomam: Cover Gallery

Cavewoman meets the Explorers

Klyde of Meriem


Cavewoman:Raptor (1-2)

Cavewoman:He Said, She Said.. (1-2)

Cavewoman: Jungle Tales (1-2)

Cavewoman: Pangaen Sea (1-8)

Cavewoman: Prehistoric Pin-Up Book (1-4)

Cavewoman: Meriem's Gallery(1-4)

Cavewoman: The Movie

Budd's Beauties & Beasts

Issue Cavewoman appeared in.....

Theshold #7

Femme Fatales April 2000 (subsciber variant Cavewoman cover)

1998 Cavewoman Action Figure by Rendition

That is all for now, so until next time "Keep on reading," it helps your local comic shops in business, my loyal Stapleholics......

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