Hello all my loyal STAPLEHOLICS, and welcome to The Stapler's first review for Wasteland The Stapler will be reviewing the film based on Frank Miller's SIN CITY....It was a awesome film from Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, they really caught the atmosphere of the Dark Horse comics really well. This is a film, The Stapler says go out and see on the big screen for it will loss alot when it comes out on DVD...for it is really visually intents with everything altered or built with computers from the soft use of pastel like color on the Black and White world to the city in motion and design like that of a Geffery Darrow piece of art. This film is a must see for any comic buff and when it comes out on DVD it is a must have for film collection. But like all Robert Rodriguez's films on DVD, his "film school" extra is the highlight of them and I hope SIN CITY will be no different. Because if your a film student or just in interested on film making, he choose a topic of production from the film and explains how it can be done. Which is really cool to see....

Now moving on to something just as important...the big 80 pages for one dollar comic,Infinite Crisis released by DC Comics this month. This issue is the lead in to this summers major reading arcs of their universe taking place after the events of Identity Crisis. The Stapler found this to be a really good read by DC for one it did not focus on the major players of the DC Universe, but the Blue Beetle with the help of Booster Gold in this issue being real heroes of the book. This story follows Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) as he is investagating about Kord Omniversal and why he is almost bankrupt and where his funds are going...leading to a Checkmate of an ending. So check out this issue with cover art by Jim Lee and Alex Ross and plus it is only one dollar to boot.

And now on to Cartoon Network's Star Wars: THE CLONE WARS (21-25)...the last five long awaited episodes to the series, which where extended in this run to 10 minutes each for they were designed as the prelude to the new movie. This arc of the series was the weakest for The Stapler, I felt like Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi character interactions and dialog was really weak bordering on childest at times. Plus the adventure they went on was kind of felt like filler story as it played out. But the coolest characters of this arc was Shaak Ti, the Talls Jedi and the Hammerhead Jedi, which still had the heart of the original two mini series in there story as they ran from General Grievous and his bodyguards trying to protect Palpatine from being kidnapped. This was the highlight of the series, hell the Stapler felt Shaak Ti was so cool, The Stapler went out and bought her figure. But.....The Stapler felt that things in this series felt were forced into place or unfinished in this arc fo the mini series, so that this series could act as the lead in for the Revenge of the Sith film being released in May. The series is worth watching for the animation and style of the series but don't expect much from it, so until next time my loyal Stapleholics...keep on reading.

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