DOOM (2005) reviewed by Monster Mike


Due other engagements with the Popcorn Avenger, this movie is being reviewed by MONSTER MIKE.

Doom (2005)

Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak

Reviewed by Monster Mike

Overall I liked this movie, but the first 40 minutes was a little too much like an old fashion zombie movie. I like zombie movies, I like them a lot, but Doom should not be portrayed as one. Dexter Fletcher plays pinky, a disabled ex-marine, which is somewhat of a coward. Richard Brake plays Portman, a perverted marine, who likes Mexican she-males. Karl Urban plays John Grimm and Yao Chin plays MAC, who gets his head completely knocked-off. Last but not least, The Rock plays The Sarge, a man with a Semper Fi tattoo edged on his upper back. And if you are a big fan of Doom the Video Game, there are plenty of inside jokes, like the BFG (bio force gun or does it mean something completely different). Action speeds up in the second part of the movie and the movie starts becoming more like Doom that we all know and love. The second half even contains a very violent 10-12 minute POV scene, which that and the ending fight with The Roc, are the best parts of the movie. Regardless what that loser Roger Ebert says, this movie is a solid B (8 out of 10).

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