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Directed by Joss Whedon

Reviewed by Agis 261

The Serenity film based off the 2002 short lived tv show, FIREFLY, created by Joss Whedon was not a let down but leaves you wanting more. Like the cult followed show, this movie continues where the show left off 3 years ago when canceled by FOX network. The film starts 8 monthes after the final episode with the crew still surviving like before in the underworld of the galaxy, but without the characters Inara or Shepard Book on board the Serenity. This film gives the followers of Firefly the series answers to question what is the Reaver's past is and what is River and why she is wanted by the Allances.

This film is designed, so that anyone who hasn't seen the show will enjoy as much people who have for it draws you to the world Joss Whedon has created with colorful heroes and villains, you the viewer can one mintute hate then the next feel for them. I haven't seen this type of space opera storytelling since classic Star Trek. I give this film 10 out of 10, I found it even better then Star Wars Episode 3, sorry George it a better product.

Serenity 2005

Directed and Written by Joss Whedon

Reviewed by Monster Mike

The one thing I will say about this movie is that it contains clever dialogue and the interactions between the crew are classic. Captain Mal (Mal means bad in Latin) and his crew is up against the Alliance and the man eating Reavers. I was surprised how much I liked this movie and how well it summed up the series Firefly, which was prematurely cancelled. Serenity is the name of the ship and Firefly is the class; like Enterprise is the name of a Galaxy Class Starship. The Crew of Serenity is made up of Malcolm, Zoey, Wash, Jayne, Inara, Kaylee, Shepherd Book (played by Ron Glass from the TV series Barney Miller and Rugrats), River Tam and her brother Simon. Fans of Firefly will be howling in enjoy when they watch this film, because it finally explain the Reavers and the mysterious River Tam. Serenity is an interesting alternative to Star Trek, from a scientific point of view, because instead of finding a vast number of aliens we find a wide range of planets that was terriaformed by humans. My only complaint about the movie is that Mr. Universe controlled all the media in the universe and he was also Jewish, I guess some things never change. Anyway, with racial stereotypes aside, I will give this movie a solid A. A must see for any real sci-fi Fan.


Reviewed by Agis 261

If you enjoyed the movie, "Serenity" you need to check out the series,"Firefly." I will be honest, I didn't see the series when it aired friday night on for from the ads it looked like a live action Outlaw Star with a twist of Cowboy Beebop, but a friend said give it a shot if you like to watch Joss Whedon's other creations which were still airing (BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL) at the time, so go check that DVD collection out which was just released in 2002. And so I did and it amazed the hell out of me with it colorful characters, the worlds they lived in and ol western sci-fi stories. I kept wondering as I watched, how could I have passed up a great sci-fi show like this.

Then I passed the collection on to a a few of my friend and they got hooked too (they think Jayne is the coolest character of the show, I think Mal is) saying wow that was pretty good is there that time no but three years later, we the fans of it get a new story of Mal Reynolds and his crew on the big screen, "Serenity," which lives up to the show and still leaves you wanting more. So check them both out.

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