Due other engagements with the Popcorn Avenger, this movie is being reviewed by Staples Revolution.

Hello my loyal Stapleholics out on the internet and welcome to The Stapler's movie review of the updated version of the Longest Yard with Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds and Chris Rock. The Stapler really dug this film for it is very true to it's the original source material wrote in 1974 by Albert S. Ruddy (story) and Tracy Keenan Wynn (screenplay writer). This film was really funny and is paced well, which is hard to find in most sports based films. Both Adam Sandler and Chris Rock were great as Paul Crewe and Caretaker (the chararters original played by Burt Reynolds and Mike Conrad in 1974 film) in the updated version and even Burt Reynolds is in it too. This film has familiar faces like Goldberg, Kevin Nash (who is really funny this film too), Brain Bosworth, Ed Lauter and Stone Cold Steve Austin in it too. The Stapler was really impressed with this film like the other remake to The Longest Yard with Vinnie Jones, "The Mean Machine," and few years back from the UK.

So if you, my loyal Stapleholic get a change check out The Mean Machine or even the original 1974 "The Longest Yard" starring Burt Reynolds which is now out on DVD. So until next time.....

Staple's Bucket: 9/10

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