Wasteland TV History

Wasteland TV is an idea that was set into motion two years ago by Monster Mike, who at the time was working under the pen name of Hamilton X with the help of the FSI crew, The Popcorn Avenger, Logan Legacy, and Matt Dogg, plus his Sacramento college friends Frank DeMola, Satoko, Shawn McCenna, and Dan. The show was originally thought up as a two hour show for Modesto public access which focused on the "jackass" styled stuff they did together, as well as a focus on cult B-Movies trailers, Hong Kong Cinema trailers, movies reviews, Japanese wrestling, and music videos. But due to technical problems, the show was redited into the first three half hour episodes of WLTV.

The show was original made and filmed in Turlock and Sacramento, then moved to and is currently filmed in Riverbank which added characters like 49 cents, AGIS261, and other players in of front and behind the camera like David Kingston, Anthony Martinez, Casey Reed, Derrik Souza, Kenny Lindberg, and Robert Kemp. The other new changes to the 2005 shows being filmed are like Logan Legacy's Star Wars week, the Grind Anderson and Troll World Order (T.w.O) segments, and Monster Mike/49 cent debates. The biggest highlight was the find of the 1991's MJC's stop motion Amgia animation project, "Brandon Justice" pilot episode, which was last shown at the 1991 Mike Goodell's Modesto Comic Con at the Red Lion Inn. The show also showcased on episode 5, Modesto's own Amanda Mein aka Arsenice Cookie, a webpage builder and local artist.

The future is looking good for WASTLELAND TV.........and thanks for watching.........

Cast and Crew

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