Staples Revolution: Comic Review

Hello all my loyal Stapleholics out there on the web and the old fans of FSI, and welcome to The Stapler's return to comic reviewing and other fanboy stuff. There has been alot of great reading stuff that has come out from the powers to be known as Marvel and DC like Green Lantern: Rebirth, Adam Strange, Superman/Batman series, Shanna The She-Devil, Astonishing X-Men series, Age of Apocalypse, Identity Crisis, Secret War, and many other titles. Even small press like Slave Labor had stuff come out like I Feel Sick and Lenore, CAPCOM has titles too Street Fighter and Darkstalkers by UDON, Devil's Due Publishing brought the return of Gi-Joe: A Real American Hero series back and an update to it, Gi-Joe: Reloaded to comic stores, plus title like The Grimoire, Liberity Meadows, MU, The Walking Dead, and many others. At one time The Stapler had a hard time finding The Stapler favorite manga titles to read or anime to watch, now The Stapler can walk into any chain bookstore or Best Buy and find titles like Love Hina, Inu-Yasha, Battle Vixens, Wolf Rain, Sayuki, and my other on the shelves. The Stapler noticed the Return of Battlestar Galactica to tv as a sci-fi drama, Marvel and DC has a new CCG, the creator of Akira has a new film, Steamboy, The Dukes of Hazzard and Firefly will be on the big screen along with Frank Miller's Sin City, Batman Begins, The Fantastic Four, and the biggest film this summer, Star Wars episode 3: Revenge of the Sith.

So with each update, The Stapler will reviewing and informing his loyal Stapleholics on some of the good and bad stuff in the wonderful world of fandom. So until next peace out.......


April 19, 2005 Sin City...Infinite Crisis...Star Wars: Clone Wars (21-25)

April 26, 2005 ATTACKTIX...SGT ROCK: Between Hell & A HARD Place....CAVEWOMAN 10th Anniversary

April 29, 2005 ASHLEY WOOD....METAL GEAR SOLID, the comic book....POPBOT READER: volume 1

May 19, 2005 STAR WARS: Revenge of The Sith

May 22, 2005 Tribute to Will Eisner

September 05, 2005 Vintage 1950's Hilter comic ad....

September 30, 2005 2002 THE MAGDALENA BOOKMARKER ad....

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